Thanks for using Starboard!
This is an advanced starboard bot, with many customisable features and settings. You can even see the server's most starred user on the leaderboard!
From custom emoji configurations to reward roles rewarded after getting a certain amount of stars, to leaderboards for the most starred messages, to categorised starboards, this bot is one of the best starboard bots you could ever ask for.

What is a Starboard?

Simple explanation: A Starboard is like democratic pins.

A starboard allows users to react on a message with ⭐️ and send the message to a #starboard channel once it gets enough ⭐️'s. There's no limit to how many messages can be starred!
If 3 people react on a message with ⭐️, the bot will copy the message over to a starboard channel. You can always change the required amount of people later.
This Starboard bot aims to make starboard as fun as possible, with rewards on stars, leaderboards, hall of fame, and so much more!

What can a Starboard bot do?

This starboard bot can do:

  • message filters
  • blacklists
  • whitelists
  • channel specific settings
  • multiple starboards
  • leaderboards
  • reward roles
  • locking, freezing, trashing messages
  • purging starboard messages
  • pulling random starred messages
  • hall of fame
  • quick actions
  • user stats, server specific or worldwide
...and much more!

Get started with star setup.

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