Channel Settings Overview
What are channel settings and how do they work?

What are Channel Settings?

Channel settings are settings that only apply to a group of channels. These channel settings can have their own starboards, so you can categorise your server with multiple starboards. Channel settings have almost all the same attributes as normal server settings, it just doesn't have a prefix, some settings such as NoExplore and Permission, and cannot blacklist channels.
Every ChannelSettings can have blacklisted/whitelisted users or roles and reward roles. The reward roles are separate from the server's reward roles. This means that if one set of channels have a reward role with 50 stars, and one in the server has 100, if you reach 50 stars outside these channels then you still don't get the reward role, you'll only get the one set on the server. Whereas if you reach 100 stars in these channels you'll receive both.
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