Creating Channel Settings
How do you create channel settings?
To create a channel settings group, run star channelsettings create, followed by the list of channels you want in the group, and optionally a name.
For example:
star channelsettings create Channels #channel-a #channel-b #channel-c
This command will create a new group for the channels #channel-a, #channel-b and #channel-c, with the name Channels. So these 3 channels will have channel settings, and the rest of the server's channels will just have the server's settings.
If you want to edit the settings for these channel settings group, do star changesetting <setting> <value> --channel #channel-a
#channel-a can be any one of those channels in the group, or the name of the channel settings, only if it's a name with no spaces. So, --channel Channels would also work.
If you run the changesetting command (or any command that has a --channel flag) in a channel that has channel settings, it will automatically use the channel settings. If you want to change server settings while in those channels, do star changesetting <...> --channel none
Most commands that change settings (changesetting, blacklist, rewardroles, setup, whitelist, etc) have a --channel flag, which changes which settings get changed.
Here is a list of the changes that will happen for each of those commands when using the --channel flag:
  • Changesetting: You can change settings for channel settings, which will be different to the server's settings and other channel settings.
  • Blacklist: You can blacklist users or roles so that they cannot interact with the starboard in these channels. If they try to star a message from these channels, their reaction will be removed, even if it was on the starboard message in the starboard channel.
  • Whitelist: You can whitelist users or roles so that they bypass the blacklist in these channels.
  • Setup: Setup settings for these channels
  • RewardRoles: Create reward roles that can only be earned if they earn enough stars in these channels. So if a reward role needs 50 stars, and a user gets 225 stars in #channel-d, they won't have that reward role. Unfortunately (right now) stars earned for channel specific reward roles cannot be reset, unlike for server reward roles.
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