Multiple Starboards
Learn how to create multiple starboards.
In this bot, you can have multiple starboards where each channel is categorised into one. Meaning that channel A and B can go to Starboard A, channel C and D can go to Starboard B, etc.
You can have up to 10 starboards on one server.

[Optional] Step 1: Unset Server Starboard

If you want to have a default starboard for the rest of the server's channels, skip this step.
To unset the server's starboard, simply do star changesetting starboard none

Step 2: Grouping Channels

You'll need to start creating channel settings so you can group channels together. You can create a channel settings with star channelsettings create Name #channel-a #channel-b
  • Substitute #channel-a #channel-b with a list of whatever channels you want to go to this starboard.
  • Name is the name of the channel settings and can be whatever you want, you can remove this if you don't want a name.

Step 3: Create Starboard Channel

To set a starboard channel for a group of channels, you need to: star changesetting starboard #starboard --channel #channel-a
  • #channel-a is any of the channels from the channelsettings you've just created, or the name if the name has no spaces.
If the bot has the Manage Channels permission, you can have the bot create a starboard channel for you by doing star changesetting starboard create name --channel #channel-a where name is whatever name you want, defaulting to "starboard".

Step 4: Repeat

For every group of channels with a starboard you want to make, repeat this tutorial.
You can edit the settings for each group of channels by running the changesetting command in any of the channels in the group.
You should have multiple starboards now, one for a group of channels, one for another group, etc.
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[Optional] Step 1: Unset Server Starboard
Step 2: Grouping Channels
Step 3: Create Starboard Channel
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